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the Juno; made for pilots

Imagine aerodynamics in its purest form, 

we all instantly think of a teardrop shape. Named after NASA's space probe orbiting Jupiter.

The Juno is build on this principle of nature as it utilizes next gen 3D printing, titanium hardware and ultra strong 6mm carbon fiber to slide trough the air with minimal effort. Weighing only 78g!


When it comes to quadcopters drag is the enemy, the more force you apply the more it will push back. The Juno with its skinny arms and teardrop design moves in harmony with nature instead of against it.


With the design experience of the Apollo, we maintain the teardrop shape. To make sure the Juno is enclosed with the most aerodynamic shell.


The Juno is made of top grade materials. We use 6mm 3K Twill weave carbon fiber, Titanium and 3D Sintered nylon to craft an object of pure form and function.


The sleek arms insure that nearly all thrust generated by the props is 95% unobstructed, by having them at 6X10mm they still remain the mandatory stiffness.


The Juno has easy to instal and replace cable management, they are kept well protected within the carbon.

45° fibers

By making use of a shifting cross fiber plate pattern, forces from the arms are equally spread throughout the center body.

Built-in Cam mount

The top plate has a built-in camera mount for both regular Go Pros as wel as RunCam sized cameras. Also it insures proper cooling without interfering the airflow.

We manufacture with care

We maintain a extremely high quality standard, the frames are slowly cut to achieve an amazing smoothness and super crisp edges.

Snyder D Michael

That teardrop body is so sexy!

Tommy Schintgen

This design is not from this world, I absolutely love this frame!

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