The Exversa Apollo is equipped with an extremely aerodynamic plastic shell, this shell is custom made with a 3D printer giving you the option to manufacture your own and even alter our designs for personal needs.

unlocking the  


of small

The 50mm EDF gives the Exversa Apollo its signature flying style as it pushes your aircraft to the limit.

Inspired by nature



take to the skies

with this +145km/h racing monster

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The Apollo.
3D Printed Shell.
The Apollo's EDF.
The Apollo FC and PDB mount.
High Quality 4mm Carbon Fiber.
High Precision CNC'ed
Top or Bottom
Apollo specs
the details

The Exversa Design Apollo, all props have enough headroom for airflow to be unobstructed. There are no flow paths crossing, even not with the EDF, thats how we could maintain great responsiveness in turns and quick flips and rolls. It makes use of aerodynamic 3D printed shapes and shells, specially designed by using wind tunnel software early in the development cycle. This assures minimal air resistance. Especially when flying forward.


On the back is the 50mm Electric Ducted Fan, not a regular prop because crossing prop wash would be a severe issue in flying experience. The EDF has a clear intake and therefor receives clean air, giving it the chance to accelerate the flow and give a cleaner output thanks to the contra placed fins found in EDF’s. Not only does the EDF give more speed and acceleration after or in tight turns, also new maneuvers are now possible.

Motors are tilted for maximum speed, at 20 degrees for a good midway, as said, because of the square frame, the props don't cause any trouble being tilted. Titanium motor bolts come with the kit. Flying without tilt is good for a sportier flying style as the EDF is then at a 90 angle from the frame.


There are dedicated mounting holes to accommodate the FC and PDB with the standoffs that come with it. The FC is in the back to be in the exact center, motor to motor. In the middle, partly above the FC is a PDB. This means there is 12mm of clearance under the PDB to place other components. Which is very rare in such a tight compartment.


Only the highest quality carbon fiber was good enough for the Apollo. Its 100% pure 3K carbon fiber and evenly layered. And of course, its a twill pattern to insure maximum stiffness. And to maintain the high quality standard, the frames are slowly cut to achieve a high smoothness and crisp edges.

the Specs

Frame Specs:

  Wheelbase: 270mm
  Weight: 570g (excl. battery) 105g (bare frame)
  Material: 4mm 3K Pure Carbon Fiber

EDF Specs:

  50mm 3300kv for maximum flight time and reliability

  50mm 4800kv for maximum speed

  ESC: 30-40 amps depending on EDF

  Mount: 2mm 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Arms

  Motor size: 2205~2208

Motor KV: 2300~2600

Flight Controller: As per preference (30.5mm)

PDB: As per preference (30.5mm)

ESCs: 5, amperage is depending on motor. If more than 30A, same esc on the edf

  Your own TX/RX system (min 6 ch)

  Video TX with remote antenna mount (wired)

Camera: 11.5 x 11.5 mini (board cam and more coming soon)
  Video Goggles or Monitor
  Battery: 4s 1300~1800mAh +65C