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Meet The Team



1. Belonging to a particular individual or group and to no other; not shared:

Exclusive rights, an exclusive story.

2. Foll by to. limited (to); found only (in):

This model is exclusive to Exversa.


1. Capable of or adapted for turning easily from one

to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.:

A versatile writer.

2. Capable of doing many things competently:

A versatile tool.

We are 2 guys with a lot of passion and ambition for what we do and create. Together we have almost 8 years of RC experience. We want to stay close to the user and therefore we don't pursue huge bulk productions. Our goal is to create accessible but still exclusive products for people that will use them with the same passion as we have to make them. Because of this mindset, we believe that these innovations can create a community, a community that dares to try, experiment and explore these steps in the drone industry.

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Hello I'm Bas de Beer and I study Audio Visual production at Sint Lucas in Eindhoven. And I produce 

videography and photography projects. With that love for storytelling also comes my techinical and theoretical ambition, as I build RC multicopters and planes to persue my interest in avaition. So for me, sky isn't the limit, it's home!

Rudie Verweij

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Hello I am Rudie Verweij and I study Game art at Sintlucas Eindhoven. I love design , technology and VFXs.

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