Making up the perfect guts for the Exversa Juno, featuring an all-in-one betaflight solution without the hassle of further soldering. All that is required are the camera, motors and receiver! For more information see the tabs below. (This is the upgraded atlatl video TX with on board channel display)


Holybro Kakute F4 V2 Flight Controller

-Additional UART (UART 4) added to support serial camera communication such as to RunCam Split.

-Additional UART (UART 5) added to support ESC telemetry such as from BLHeli_32 and KISS.

-Through-hole solder pads instead of flat pads for more secure soldering especially for beginners.
-Barometer sensor on board allows altitude hold mode.

-I2C pad available for certain external sensors.

-Supports Betaflight and Cleanflight.

-Betaflight OSD.

-Soft-mounting built in.

-New high-performance / low-noise / high sensitivity IMU. 
-ICM20689 with 6-axis gyro and accelerometer. Can run at up to 32 kHz.

2 oz. copper PCB allows up to 120A maximum continuous current.

-Dedicated bootloader button for easy firmware flashing.

-Low-profile design fits into even very compact frames.

-Input voltage 7v to 42v. Power the board directly from the flight pack, up to 6S (on “B+” pad only).

-Automatic voltage monitoring.

-Filtered voltage output for clean, noise-free video. 

-Supports BLHeli pass-through for easy ESC upgrade and configuration.


Holybro TekkoS 4 in 1 30A BLHeli_S ESC + Kakute F4 V2 Flight Controller + Atlatl

SKU: 1246541
  • Transmitting Output Power: 15mW ( Pit Mode), 25mW/ 100mW/ 200mW/ 400mW/ 600mW Switchable

    Audio: 6 MHz + 6.5 MHz Mono

    Antenna Connector: MMCX

    Input Voltage: 7-24V (2-6S Lipo)

    Dimension: 35(L)x 35(W)x 7(H)mm 

    Mounting Hole: 30.5x30.5mm

    Weight: 10.8g

  • Con. Current: 30amp continuous draw per motor

    Peak Current: 40amp

    BEC: no 

    Lipo input: 3-6S

    MCU: BB21

    Firmware: 48Mhz Runs BLHELI_S J_H_xx firmware

    Mounting hole spacing: 30.5mm x 30.5mm